Working alongside a number of Club Partners, Athletes and Physios we’ve put together a series of videos guides, demonstrating how healthcare professionals manage injuries and help players improve game performance.

The video guides feature taping & strapping techniques from elite team physios and leading therapists.

The videos are suggestions only, if you have an injury please seek professional advice.

We'd love to see how you use our products too! If you have any videos using our products, or techniques that you prefer, tag @TigerTapes on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Top Taping Tips

Keep Skin Clean & Dry:
Ensure the skin is clean and dry for optimal tape adhesion. For areas like the knees and ankles, shaving can improve the quality of the taping and make tape removal less painful.
Pre-cut Tape and Round Corners:
Pre-cut the tape to the desired length and round the corners to prevent snagging on clothing and to enhance comfort and durability during play.

Apply Anchor Points:
Apply anchor points at both the beginning and end of the tape to secure it throughout the game. Properly anchored tape provides effective support and stability.

Follow the Muscle Lines:

When using kinesiology tape, apply it along the natural lines of your muscles. This technique supports the muscles while allowing for proper movement and maintaining your range of motion.
Seek Professional Guidance:
If you're unsure about taping a specific body part, consult a qualified professional. Proper taping is crucial for support which can have an impact on your performance on the pitch.